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Experience Elevated Wellness

At Kron Cannabis, we believe in holistic health and the power of combining traditional wellness practices with the benefits of cannabis. Our Smoke & Stretch program offers a unique blend of assisted stretch therapy and cannabis-enhanced yoga, designed to harmonize body, mind, and spirit.


Smoke & Stretch
at 1304 Murfreesboro Rd, Franklin

Join Amanda for an immersive wellness experience where ancient tradition meets modern therapy. Cannabis-enhanced yoga has been a part of spiritual practices for thousands of years, revered for its ability to deepen mindfulness, enhance sensory perception, and foster a profound connection with the self. Our program invites you to awaken to the infinite possibilities within you, guiding you back to the essence of your true nature—pure, radiant, and free.

Our Sessions Include:

  • Assisted Stretch Therapy + Cannabis

    • Rediscover your body’s potential with the guidance of our skilled therapists. Assisted stretching can improve flexibility, reduce pain, and increase circulation, while cannabis helps deepen relaxation and relieve stress.


  • 15 minutes: $30

  • 30 minutes: $75

  • 1 hour: $160 (Please note: Product cost not included in session pricing.)

Cannabis-Enhanced Yoga

Expand your wellness journey with our Cannabis-Enhanced Yoga, available across Franklin, Brentwood, and Nashville. Whether you’re looking to deepen your practice in a private setting or with a group, our on-location classes integrate the holistic benefits of cannabis with the transformative power of yoga, creating a truly elevated experience.

We offer tailored yoga sessions that cater to both private individuals and groups, ensuring a personalized and comfortable environment:

  • Private or Small Group Sessions (1-4 students)

  • Medium Group Sessions (5-9 students

  • Large Group Sessions (10+ students)

(Please note: Cannabis products are not included in the session pricing.)

Locations We Serve:

  • Franklin

  • Brentwood

  • Nashville

Perfect for friends' gatherings, special events, or regular sessions, our yoga classes are designed to align with your lifestyle and fitness goals while incorporating the calming and centering effects of cannabis.

Image by Vasi
Image by Brooke Lark

Nutrition Program

Dive into a comprehensive approach to wellness with our 4-week Cannabis-Infused Nutrition Program, designed to educate and empower you in making informed dietary choices that align with your fitness and wellness goals. Available in Franklin, Brentwood, and Nashville, this program is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their nutritional lifestyle with the added benefits of CBD.

Program Details:

  • Duration: 4 weeks

  • Cost: $600

  • Locations: On-location services in Franklin, Brentwood, & Nashville

What You Will Learn:

  • Holistic Health Foods: Explore a variety of health foods that support your fitness and wellness objectives.

  • CBD Infusion Techniques: Gain practical knowledge on how to incorporate CBD into your diet for enhanced nutritional benefits.

  • Personalized Dietary Plans: Receive customized guidance tailored to meet your specific dietary needs and goals.

Enroll Today

Ready to transform your dietary habits and infuse wellness into every meal?

Contact us to enroll in our Cannabis-Infused Nutrition Program and start your journey to a healthier, more balanced life. 

Meet Amanda

Yoga Instructor | Primal Nutrition Coach | Flexibility & Mobility Coach 

My mission is educating individuals on cultivating a healthy, pain-free lifestyle through a comprehensive and holistic approach to overall well-being. I advocate for the integration of daily movement, primal nutrition, mindfulness, and clean-living practices to enhance one’s quality of life and home, fostering greater happiness and vitality.


With over 12 years of experience in the medical field I finally decided I wanted to show others there’s another way. I want to encourage others to gain accountability for their health to help get off medications and avoid unnecessary surgeries.

(615) 961-1196

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